Step 1: Navigate to "Online Ordering" from your Dashboard menu as highlighted in the image below. Once there, click the "Connect" button on the Uber Eats panel.

Step 2: Confirm your Uber Eats account details (Click β€œYes” in the pop-up windows, if your restaurant already works with Uber Eats)

Note: If you do not have an Uber Eats account, but would like to get one, please look at β€œ What to do if you do not have an Uber Eats account?” below.

Step 3: Next, confirm your restaurant's name and address.

The pop-up window will display this information as created in the Location Settings in Dash. If the name and address match the information you have set up in Uber Eats, click on the button "Confirm and replace my Uber Eats menus".

Important Notes:

(i) If your address details are different, please edit the address in your Uber Eats account by logging into Uber Eats and saving the Business Name and Location Address details to match the information found in your Dash Settings.

(ii) Once the integration is approved, your existing menu from Uber Eats will be removed and replaced with the menu (items, products, and modifiers) you have set up in Dash. This will be the same menu that you already set up for dash Online Ordering. This action is irreversible so please enable the integration only when you are ready to connect Uber Eats with Dash.

Step 4: Once a connection has been requested, the status message "Connection Requested" will be displayed on the Uber Eats panel.

It may take up to 2 business days for Uber Eats to validate your details and approve the integration. Dash will inform you when this integration is ready and Uber Eats can be used with your account.

This is a good time to download the Dash App from the Apple App Store (if you haven't already).

Once Uber Eats has confirmed the integration, your Dash account will be linked with your Uber Eats account.

The Uber Eats panel will now display a button "Settings" and a green on/off switch will display at the top right corner of the panel.

Your Dash Menu including product images, prices, and descriptions will be uploaded automatically to your Uber Eats account.

Congratulations, you are now ready to accept orders from Uber Eats with the Dash App!

Dash Tips:

If you need to switch off the integration for any reason (Uber Eats has problems, your restaurant is closed for the day, etc), just click the green on/off switch to temporarily disconnect Uber Eats from Dash. When you are ready to reconnect, just flip that switch back on to display green and you will be connected back to Uber Eats.

What to do if you do not have an Uber Eats account?

If you do not have an active Uber Eats account for your restaurant and would like to have one, click on the button "No, I'd like to become a partner" and you will be taken to Uber Eats to enroll your restaurant.

This process can take between 2-5 working days while Uber Eats verifies and enable your business. Once complete, come back and start the integration process described above.

Dash Tips:

You can also sign up and enroll your restaurant with Uber Eats by clicking this link directly.

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