1. Once you have your account set up with products and online ordering is enabled in Dashboard, download the Dash App from https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dash-by-paytouch/id1508115730 and install it on your iPad.

2. Login with your email address and password. (hint: The same username and password you used on Dashboard work here too!). If you are logging in for the first time and have not set up a PIN in Dashboard for your account, you will be asked to set up a 4 digit PIN of your choosing. Choose 4 digits and verify them. Subsequent logins to the Dash App will only require the PIN unless you completely logout from the app.

3. Once done, you will be logged into Dash! Don’t worry if you see an empty list of orders! Once you start receiving online orders, the orders will start listing here as soon as you accept them.

4. Once your accepted orders have been completed (picked up or delivered) successfully, you will see the transactions under Activity from the Menu by tapping the Menu icon on the top left corner.

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